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1 Orthopaedics Department, Serveis Mèdics Penedès,Barcelona, Spain.

2 Radiology Department, Serveis Mèdics Penedès, Barcelona, Spain.


Objectives. To test the hypotheses that surgical joint denervation produces a significant reduction of synovitis possibly through a depletion of intra-articular inflammatory neuropeptides such as substance P and CGRP.
Methods. Retrospective analysis of sonographic Doppler images was used to assess the synovitic changes in 16 first carpometacarpal joints of 15 patients (mean age 63.31 +/- 8.20) that had undergone surgical denervation to treat osteoarthritic pain. We used a paired t-test to compare Doppler sonographic image differences between two time-points, pre-operative and at least six months after the operation in order to evaluate variations in articular synovitis.
Results. A significant difference (p


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